4 Reasons a Student Might Not Be a Good Choice for a Retail Employee

young irritated girl working in a store

With the opening of several retail stores in different parts of the town, the requirement to hire employees is on a higher side. In their effort to save on salary costs, most retail companies tend to hire a fresher or even students.

Even though this is a good cost-cutting initiative, a student may not be the right choice for a retail employee. Here are some of the top reasons why:

Dependability Will Be Questionable

Unless the student is a descendant of Albert Einstein, he would be required to attend his classes. He would have his term exams from time to time as well. While attending those, he would tend to lose out on coming to work.

Absenteeism in any retail store could have a great impact on the store reputation. It's not very viable to put that reputation at stake by hiring someone who may not be the best advertisement of being regular at work.

A student would also come up with frequent requests to alter his shift timings, as he may have a lab class or an important lecture to attend. If you don't keep those requests, he would eventually leave. If you keep them, that will set a wrong example to the rest of the team as your other employees would take it as a biased approach from your side.

Lack of Patience

A strong quality that is required from a retail employee is patience. He would have to be patient enough to handle a number of queries from the customers. He cannot lose his cool while dealing with a difficult or irate customer. All these qualities may not be present in a student who has hardly seen the world outside.

Owing to their young age and inexperience, students would always be in a hurry to close things. They would also tend to lose their cool faster which may not be the right attitude that would be expected out of a good retail employee.

Higher Attrition Rate

Most students join a retail job in search of quick money. More than half of them would not be serious about the job at all. To add to that, the difficult work pattern and the long working hours would motivate them further to leave the job and do something else.

Along with these, the student would tend to attrite after a period of time once he graduates and becomes eligible for higher paying jobs. All the time, effort and money that the retail store would have invested in the employee would go down the drains as the student won't hang around there for long.

Student May Not Be a Team Player

To be a successful retail employee, one has to be a good team player. He has to respect his leader and coworkers as well.

As most students would not have any prior experience of working in teams, they may tend to fail at this point. They may be the smartest of the lot, but if they don't get along very well with others, they won't like their jobs, and that will reflect in their interactions with the customers.

Many other qualities are required out of retail employees which may not be present in a student. It is thus wise not to hire students as retail employees as that would give more pain than gain in the future.